If You Get Caught, You will Die!

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“They’re really going to eat me like this…♥”

Thinking it was fruit, I took a bite, but it turned out to be the precious essence of the dragon!

<10 years after the essence has been fully absorbed, I’ll rip out your heart.>

10 years later, the dragon ‘Callix’ reappeared as an imperial family in front of ‘Cilia’ who became an adult.

It was good that she had to get dressed in a hurry so that her identity would not be revealed. however.

“Why do you keep looking at me? Those eyes aren’t curious. It’s like-”
“Chuh… love at first sight! I can’t take my eyes off you!”

The ‘disguise’ of unrequited love that started like this is for a while,
Midnight: Celia is suddenly called to Calix’s room.

“I will give you the honor of attending my bath every night from now on.”

Can’t you let go of this hand and talk to me?

“It’s strange. Just looking at you makes my appetite come back.”

I continue… Where are you playing!