I Will Take The Duchy From Today

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“I was a noble!”

Hilde, a commoner who worked as a waitress at a restaurant in a village,
From the transcendent (!) handsome ‘Rogen’ who suddenly appeared one day
She is the granddaughter of a duke who has only four on the continent and
We hear that her own mother, ‘Lucia Arpeggio’, was a powerful wizard in her past.

Duke Arpeggio, imbued with thorough aristocracy,
If she proves her strong magic to her granddaughter, Hilde,
She proposes that she may become a member of the dukedom,
Hilde, who suffered a lot of persecution as a commoner,
She accepts her offer to win a living as a nobleman.

But her joy was short-lived… Culture, magic, dance, history, literature, etc.
There are so many things you have to learn as a noble!

Moreover, his family, far from welcoming Hilde, only gave her cold eyes.
Eventually, even her life is threatened…

I can't help it more than this
I will become the Duke of Arpeggio and win everything!

As a commoner, I will try to take over this Duke!