I rely on picking up trash to become a king

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Good news, your profession has been detected as a hidden one. Bad news, your hidden profession is the one-in-a-million "Trash". You are about to transition to… "Scavenger." Ye Qing, upon seeing the results in front of him, felt a blankness wash over him. All his years of effort seemed to have gone down the drain. Stock trading on borrowed money led to losses, and he ended up in a private hunting group to work off his debts. After defeating impossible-to-kill monsters, the surge of experience points at that moment took Ye Qing from level 0 to level 1. Ye Qing triggered the opportunity for the only career transition in his life… But unexpectedly, the profession he awakened to was the one-in-a-million hidden profession – "Scavenger." All talent trees revolve around the bizarre profession of "picking up garbage."