I Regressed To My Ruined Family

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I was born the oldest of a renowned swordsman family and became stronger faster than anyone. Yet, I could not stop the dragons, a great disaster that had appeared on the continent. I closed my eyes in my final moments, thinking everything was over. I really thought it was over… But when I opened my eyes, I was back in the past. A past that was very different from the world I knew.

"What? Is this really my body? Why don't I have any mana?"
"Where did the castle go? Why's there only a wooden house left?"
"…What? The dragons and humans made a non-aggression pact?"

A family that had fallen and was on the brink of ruin. A family whose writing of divination had vanished. And a body in which no mana could be found!

"…I'll have to keep myself busy from now on."

The great hero of a renowned swordsman family. He is back in the past, in a "parallel world."

(Source: Kakao Entertainment Corp., translated)