I’m a Scarecrow

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'Can you buff me?'

Monaka, who looks like a top-tier experienced player at a glance, offers to form a party with White Jack, who's a returning player of “Lunatic Online”, but…

'Don't step on that.'


'Take a potion.'

'Hack! Haack!'

'I'm sorry… I couldn't click on the potion.'

Get to know the noob, White Jack, Monaka's character, and the other guild members.

'We're getting married, so change genders, Hyung. You lost earlier at rock-paper-scissors.'

The chaotic life of Lunatic's Netkama*!

(This game is set in the virtual game “Lunatic”, which is based on the online game “La Tale”.)

(Please be aware: Due to the nature of this series, this work purposely uses incorrect spellings for a sense of realism.)

*TL/N: Scarecrow can also mean 'puppet/figurehead'.
*Netkama is a term for when a male uses a female character online and hides their true identity. The original author, Kimma, also wrote the novel, “Netkama Punch!!!”.