I Didn’t Mean To Seduce The Male Lead

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I possessed the body of Baroness ‘Eleanor Marice’ who lost her husband at a young age.

However, my part in the original story is only in four lines!

After all the hard work I’ve done, I’m now a respectable celebrity in high society.

One day, a sweet offer was given to Eleanor.

If I let the male lead learn about women, if I can help him form a bond with the imperial princess just like in the novel, I’ll have fortune within my grasp?!

With a big heart, I head over to the male lead Rian(?)’s house, but…

“Your problem is…”
“I fell in love with you during that night.”

I was just planning to take a bath and leave!

This the heart pounding, yet bitter story of Eleanor who has become an unwanted scandal maker in the empire!