I Became the Wife of the Male Lead

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In the novel “The Emperor and The Saintess,” the male lead and heroine were able to defeat the cursed dragons and the demons, as well as the final boss of the story, with their beautiful love.

“…Haha. I’d rather die now, so I can go in peace.”

Rather than having a brilliant future and being hailed as a genius mage, I just want a secure future where I can have a comfortable retirement…
That’s what I wish, but when this world comes to an end, I’m the final boss.

Please, just let me live….

“Wait, isn’t this the male lead, Siegren?”
“Why is he here?”

Siegren, the heroic male lead who will save the world, is dying right in front of my eyes?

The male lead whose mind and body where all tattered from rolling around in the battlefield.

“Siegren, I’m sure you’ll have many things to do in the future.”
“I promise to help you achieve that.”

When I saw Siegren’s wounds, I made a promise.

This person, who suffered because of the lines I wrote. I promise to bring him happiness, a brilliant future, and a comfortable life.