I Became the Villainess in a Disastrous Novel

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It's just Ara's luck to be hit by a car and reborn in a novel as the villainous "Meliara." To make things worse, she knows that the empire in this novel is about to get destroyed by the world's Demon King in a few months, so she must make a quick escape to the far corners of the empire while she can. She just can't catch a break! But as she's leaving, she runs into the dashing and mysterious Rehett, who, for some reason, immediately offers to accompany her on her journey as her bodyguard. What's stranger is that Rehett seems to know an awful lot about Meliara's tastes and preferences from her past life, despite meeting her for the first time. How could this be? Though she doesn't know it yet, Meliara's past and current lives are inextricably intertwined for a higher purpose beyond her imagination.