I Accidentally Seduced the Male Lead’s Younger Brother

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She has the lover of the male lead in the novel R19. In the original novel, the male lead is a scumbag who dumps her after getting her pregnant, saying he realized too late that he loves the heroine. Fortunately, it was still before the real work started. I decided to delete this crap myself. *** "No, I do not want". I firmly rejected Killian's offer to have an affair with him. When he asked why, I smiled brightly and answered. “Young Master is not to my taste. If I must say, your little brother is much more likeable. "That? Do you prefer my little brother?" "Yes. Not you, but your brother." *** Unlike the original, I firmly built an iron wall, took care of Lexion, the younger brother who was abused by his older brother, and protected the original female lead who had low esteem against the trashy male lead. And now that I've done what I have to do, I'm leaving. Yet several years later, Lexion, who had passed his older brother and sat in the duke's seat, returned to me like a beast of decadent beauty. On top of that, he even held the guarantee document that I signed as a joke as a kid. “I never forgot you for a second. Please marry me, noona.” No, isn't that just for playing house? Every time I reject his marriage proposal, he gently hugs my waist and asks me with such a cold voice. "Have your tastes changed while I was away?" Lexion's eyes were full of life as he asked. It's like when he finds out who my type is, he'll kill him right away.