Hetakuso Love Step (Official)

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During the spring season as a college sophomore, Kotaro should be enjoying his youth, freedom, and his campus life. But without a girlfriend or any close friends, his life has been rather unspectacular. One day, Miyako, Kotaro's female friend from his childhood asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend so that she can blow off a boy, Aoi who is making an unwanted move on her. Before Kotaro can make a decision, he accidentally meets Aoi and they happen to have teas together. It looks like Kotaro succeeds in making Aoi give up Miyako, but Aoi easily spots his lie and says "Instead of giving up her, get along with me". He takes Kotaro into the bathroom of the college, saying that he can teach many things……. A philanderer boy with a modest boy who wants to spend a quiet life……. A pure love story, stepping up awkwardly from a normal friendship.