Heat And Run 〘Lezhin〙

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The Roh and Ju families. Rival clans that mainly produce alpha offspring. These two families aren’t on the best of terms. And when omega Roh Miho is born, the Rohs have one more thing to gloat about. Something unexpected happens though. Doted on little Miho finds a new friend (and more) in one Ju Jihwan.
Their clandestine relationship is sure to complicate things between the two factions. But there’s another wrench thrown into things when Ian, Jihwan’s older brother, accompanies him on a trip to the US. Little does he know this vacation was just an elaborate ruse for Jihwan and Miho to be together! Plus, on this trip, Ian is going to see someone from his past who he never imagined he’d end up seeing. And there’s something unresolved that he should confess. Just when things are starting to get to a fever pitch, will Ian stand the heat or run?