Guide to Raising a Loyal Dog

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[Translated by Mosh Scans]

A reward notice for a “lost dog” ties the fates of Ling Xiangwan and Bai Qingxiao together. As the poor university student, Ling Xiangwan, searches for the owner of the dog he is currently carrying, he accidentally catches glimpses of Bai Qingxiao’s naughty deeds. It is only then that he realizes this is not the kind of “dog” the notice was looking for. As the door to flee the scene is quite literally shut, Bai Qingxiao asks Ling Xiangwan to pay him company, how humiliating! Ling Xiangwan leaves, fuming. After that, Bai Qingxiao just can’t seem to get Ling Xiangwan out of his mind…