Flowers Crossing the Night

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The youngest master of the Kyo family, Kyo Yeonoh, encounters a man with a striking and stunning appearance who visits the Kyo family mansion one day. Despite his bright and warm demeanor, Yeonoh discovers that this seemingly clumsy man is actually a guest of the mansion. Without hesitation, Yeonoh grows closer to him.

However, Yeonoh later learns that this man is the ruthless emperor who mercilessly killed his own family to ascend the throne. The emperor had come to the Kyo family mansion to choose a concubine from the Kyo family. Initially believing that one of his cousins would be chosen, Yeonoh feels an unexpected emotion.

The emperor hands Yeonoh a token and asks him to become his concubine. Mistaking this for love, Yeonoh agrees to become the emperor's concubine. However, it doesn't take long for Yeonoh to realize that his first love was nothing but a deception.