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Jeong Yigon, CEO of Seongso Group, has absolutely no desire to become the future chairman. His ambitious brother, however, wants nothing more than to sideline Yigon and take the top spot – no matter the cost. In a strategic move to fend off his brother's aspirations, Yigon concocts a plan to spread a rumor about himself being in a same-sex relationship, a situation sure to be despised by his traditionalist grandfather. To execute this plan, Yigon seeks out Shin Tae-kang, the heir to the Hanje Group, as the ideal candidate for a fake relationship. Tae-kang readily agrees, under the condition that Yigon does anything Tae-kang desires. It seems like Tae-kang is the one who holds all the power in this con of theirs, but could there come a time when Yigon manages to turn the tables?