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Read manhwa Duchess’s Lo-Fi Coffeehouse / The Carefree Duchess’ Coffee House / The Laid Back Ducchess’ Coffee House / 느긋한 공작부인의 악커피하우스
Loanna was raised in neglect and isolation as an illegitimate child of the Count Louis family. She gets married off to Duke Bruggen, who orders her to keep quiet and out of the way. Free from all expectations or responsibilities, she roams around the castle and runs into a coffee bush. A passionate barista in her past life, Loanna remembers exactly how to brew a perfect cup of Joe. The trouble is, no one in this realm seems to know what “coffee” is, nor its wonderful benefits. As a matter of fact, coffee fruits are regarded as “evil.” As a coffee aficionado, Loanna is determined to turn this reputation around.