Don’t Be Obsessed With A Spirit Like Me!

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Read manhwa Don’t Be Obsessed With A Spirit Like Me! / JANGAN TEROBSESI DENGAN ROH SEPERTIKU / 저 같은 정령에게 집착하지 마세요!
Reincarnated as “Asella”, the Spirit of the Wind, she was just an extra in the novel and the weakest of the Spirits. Asella was so powerless that she was constantly being harassed by her fellow Spirit companions, but she swallowed down her rage in order to survive. As per God’s will, every Spirit is to make a binding oath with their fated knight, but as it turned out, Asella made a pact with none other than the prestigious Commander of the Empire’s troops, “Lasez Siertensia”!! “Lasez? Doesn’t his Spirit die during the first battle?” In order to survive, she’ll have to start by breaking the oath binding her to Lacez. Fortunately, the two of them, not wanting to have anything to do with each other, decide to keep the pact until they are both out of harm’s way. Until then, they agreed on a “temporary alliance”! After many twists and turns, the end of their temporary pact has finally come, and Asella is about to annul the oath at last, but Lasez’s attitude suddenly changes! Out of the blue, he declares that he cannot cancel the oath anymore! On top of that, her second knight, Kairos, that she somehow picked up along the way, pushes out Lasez claiming that he’ll become her first knight. Even the crown prince, who was the original male lead, and Edward, the playboy of the Empire, beg her to take them as her knight. Same goes for Herhuis, a high-ranked Spirit who’s starting to get jealous of all these men surrounding Asella. A myriad of men reaching out to Asella, who used to be a derelict and useless Spirit! For her who was just trying to quietly survive in this novel, her life ended up taking a burdensome turn… “Don’t be obsessed with a spirit like me!”