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Dabi works as an assistant manager in the same company as Jeongheon. Dabi and Jeongheon have met before in college on a blind date. Dabi remembers Jeongheon as on of the worst dates in her life. On the first day they met, Jeongheon talked about his thesis which felt really boring for Dabi. Then on the second date, he ran off from a movie theater while watching a horror movie and never came back. Now, Dabi and Jeongheon work in the same company, but Jeongheon still has no socal skills whatsoever. When Jeongheon accidentally discovers Dabi's sex toy on a business tip, they decide to make a deal. Dabi will train Jeongheon to be a more sociable man as Jeongheon tells her that he's trying to win someone's heart.