Dog Fur Romance

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[I just need one video of Jung Dawon, that fucking bastard who often calls me over to his place just because he's bored, and I'm out of this company.]

Choi Jihoo, who works as Jung Dawon's secretary, the Representative of the Seungjin C&T Corporation, has a secret. He has received a dangerous offer – if he hands over a video that disinherits Jung Dawon from the company management, he will receive an incredibly large amount of money.

One day, as Jihoo is making backups of his videos while dreaming of making a fortune, Dawon finds out.
"There is certainly quite a lot of shocking content in here. Why did you film these videos?"
And then, the man says something completely inconceivable –
"Secretary Choi, are you in love with me?"
"Yes, yes, you're right! It's all because I love you, Pre– huh?!?!"