Devil at the Crossroads [Mature Official]

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Growing up with a Catholic priest for a mother and a shaman for a father sure is a recipe for an interesting childhood. For Ha Yoon, it’s also the reason he decides to go into veterinary science – a career path free from religion. Everything is going according to plan, until the unthinkable happens: Yoon realizes he has a phobia of blood. After a poorly-timed suggestion made by occult-obsessed friend, Yoon finds himself drunkenly bartering away his very soul to Samael, the devil at the crossroads. The thing is, the gods don’t take kindly to people messing with the son of two of their most devoted followers, and the contract backfires, scattering the unwitting demon’s powers across the mortal realm. Caught in an incomplete contract, Yoon is promised his soul’s safety in return for his help restoring the demon’s powers. But is Yoon willing to take this devil’s bargain…?