Crazy Princess Renia

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Read manhwa Crazy Princess Renia / Mad princess lenia / 미친 왕녀 레니아
Renia is the princess of the Fontiano Empire. Her happy days were now shattered, after she married Duke Clovis Zenov.
“I would like to sentence my wife Renia Zenov to death for the murder of Duke Clovis Zenov”
“I’m innocent, I swear to god I never intended to kill my beloved husband!”
Reality was like hell, nothing changed even if she screamed in pain. Now all that’s left for her is the blessing of death…
To forget everything and find a place to rest in the arms of God, she stabbed the knife in the back of her head.
However, God ignored and did not grant her last wish.
On her 18th birthday, the happiest day of her life. Blood-stained memories returned.
“I’ll tear it down and fix it all. Play in their hands, to fix my past. And most of all…don’t marry Clovis”
She is forced to act as an innocent person, and marry a man who will face death for her.