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Three can be a tricky number: some say all good things come in threes, while others say it’s a crowd. Yoo Joon is pretty sure it’s the latter. Ever since he laid eyes on his classmate Pyo Jong-oh, the wimpy and sickly Yoon has been bitten by the lovebug. Tall and dark, with the perfect personality and a banging body to boot, there’s seemingly nothing wrong with his upperclassman – except for the fact that he’s best friends with Seong Ah-in, Joon’s former friend-turned-rival. Wherever Jong-oh goes, Ah-in is sure to follow. But if Yoon is to have a chance of getting closer to the man of his dreams, he’ll have to put up with it…for now. When the three head off on an overnight trip, Jong-oh and Yoon are finally separated from Ah-in, giving the bumbling Yoon a chance to make his move. Will this finally be the opportunity for Yoon to find love, touch, and companionship? Or will it leave him unfulfilled, heart-broken, and alone?