An Abyss: Poem of Chaff

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"“I…thought you were dead…”
For ten years, Cináed has lived solely for revenge, driven by the events of a decade ago. Despite the concerns of his long-time friend Rahman, he secretly prepares for his vengeance under the alias ""Chaff,"" alongside his loyal retainer Yexing.
During his quest, Cináed discovers Albin, whom he believed to be dead, and rescues him. As they live together under the guise of protection, Cináed is struck by how much Albin has changed from their childhood days. This new Albin stirs unfamiliar emotions within Cináed, complicating his single-minded pursuit of revenge.
As Cináed’s feelings for Albin deepen, his thirst for revenge begins to wane. Will he choose the path of vengeance, or will Albin’s presence lead him to a different destiny?