A World Without My Sister Who Everyone Loved

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“I hate you so much that I wish to kill you, Sienna.”

I was my sister’s shadow my entire life, then I was betrayed by her.
My only option was to die.
“I’m sorry, sister. I can’t listen to you wishing to kill me.”

But… the people at the Nacht estate were different from before I went back in time.

“You’re the only chosen child of Nacht of the Underworld.”
“His Highness, the Archduke, acknowledges you as his family.”

Something is wrong.
I think these people have mistaken me for my sister.

“Please believe us just this once. We cherish you.”

Once, I wished to receive affection.
Now, I’m afraid those feelings would become my weakness.
I’ve had enough from that one betrayal that took away my entire life.

The time I risked everything for love has passed.
I just want my life back.
‘I won’t be hurt anymore if I don’t love.’

“Let’s stop now and just go our separate ways.”