A Tree Without Roots (Official)

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After the sudden suicide of his mother, Kwon Hee-seo has lived his life searching for answers. Taken in by an abusive foster family, he is left asking himself the same questions over and over again: What was the inciting incident that caused his mother to take her life? Who was the mysterious man that saved his? And could he be the same esoteric benefactor that has been shrouded in secrecy, supporting Hee-seo from behind the scenes? Unmoored like a tree without roots and desperate for answers, Hee-seo sets his family’s home ablaze in hopes of drawing the man out from the shadows. But this reckless attempt for a semblance of clarity in his life may lead Hee-seo to more than he bargained for… Can a tree without roots grow to reach the sun? Or is it destined to wither away in the absence of light?