A Ranker’s Guide to The Good Life [Speedcat Version]

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**The first ever S-Rank Awakener in reality is just a third-year student?!**

Sets in 21st Century, the genre of the world is ‘Fantasy’
In a land of despair, South Korea, an ‘S-rank’ has descended!

‘Joe the Magician King!’
-God Jo… King Jo… Who on earth are you…

Her profession: A student taking the college entrance exam for the third time. Her mother’s anger made her unable to use her phone. She’s on the verge of being strangled by her life circumstances.

The No. 1 Awakener in South Korea have been leading a peaceful and ordinary unemployed life, however one day

[The Ranking will Change]
[Miss Gyeon Jioh’s current domestic ranking is 2nd place]

“I know who you are. The Magician King. I-”
Baek Dohyun, the ‘returnee’ appeared in front of Gyeon Jioh.

A life that was going smoothly is about to be overturned into the position of the world’s savior.
Can S-rank Munckin Ranker ‘Gyeon Jioh’ protect her comfortable and lazy tyrant life?