A Morning Kiss at Tiffany’s

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Read A Morning Kiss at Tiffany’s / 티파니에서 모닝 키스를 / Morning Kiss at Tiffany’s / Tipanieso Moning Kiseureul
The building was taken away by her first love. Yu Hari, the owner of the “Tiffany” building in Cheongdam. Eunho, her first love who came back after 5 years, pushed the transferring registration paper in front of her. “Ah, the name of this building has changed since yesterday to Cha.Eun.Ho.” Thus, Hari went from being a building owner to a homeless person overnight. “From now on you’re not my first love, you’re my first loser.” She hated him so much that she wanted to pour out all the curses in the world and strike him with lightning, but she needed to sort out her bare necessities first. That’s how Hari got employed for the first time in her life as a resident helper for Eunho, the “first-loser.” Her new job was difficult day in and day out, as she used to spend 99.9% of her life eating and messing around. She was also angry at Eunho, who was openly rude to her, but it was more bearable than she thought. No, sometimes it was fun. And…You know what they say, old habits die hard, she fell back into the habit of having feelings for Eunho… “The second clause in the contract is that the employee does nothing to seduce their fellow employee.” Will Hari be able to regain both the Tiffany building and Eunho? (CyberLife)