A Foxy Affair

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"In a drunken haze, Seol Yuyeon, a top-tier assassin, takes on a bizarre job involving seduction for a very large sum of money. The peculiar terms of the contract leave her no room to back out. Disguised as a new bride, she infiltrates the Ju estate, only to discover an even stranger twist—the client, Yihyeon, and the target, his younger brother Yihwi, share one body.

Yihyeon insists that to carry out the job, Yuyeon must avoid the groom and receive guidance from him. She thought her mission was to seduce only the target, but it turns out she has to engage with the client as well.

To make matters worse, these brothers are not ordinary people—they are mystical fox spirits who have lived for a thousand years. Can even the world’s greatest assassin accomplish such a peculiar murder?"