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School is hard, but love is even harder – especially when you’re as popular as Lee Doha. Fortunately for him, his best friend Seo Joon has been by his side to ward off his worshippers since they were kids. Unfortunately for him, however, Joon has also been harboring a soul-crushing love for Doha since the day they met. So when the two enter high school, Joon will do whatever it takes to keep Doha safe from the swarms of admirers that hover around his every move. Under the pretense of keeping him safe from others’ affection, he takes the opportunity to realize his dream of a relationship with Doha – even if it comes in the form of a contract with its own set of terms and conditions. As the two dive deeper into dating, will Joon and Doha add up to be a 100% match? Or is Joon destined to live in love purgatory, always giving 99% of his heart to his one true love?