24 Hours Resurrection of the Villainess

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The laughingstock of the entire empire, the half-wit lady Erne, has been possessed by the infamous villainess, Erquana. In front of her eyes, a strange mission window appears. [Mission] Find true love! [Completion Condition] Fall in love with the strongest person in the world and form a bond. [Penalty] Retrieval of the soul of the sacrifice (Reincarnation not possible ♥). If she fails the ‘romance mission,’ she will die again?! According to the mission conditions, there are a total of three candidates for the strongest person she must bond with: the revenge-driven Crown Prince Kiers, the tower lord Siel, whose kind face doesn’t match his personality, and the merchant lord Raizen, who treats the owner of this body like a child. ‘Forming a bond with those men? Can I really survive this?’