Teaching Dry Orgasm to My Childhood Friend

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"The more you look like you want to be bullied, the meaner I'll be." My dear friend Tasuku really is cute and naïve. Sou and Tasuku have been friends since elementary school. Sou, who was always alone, has always loved Tasuku, who's friendly and outgoing. Then one day, Tasuku blurts out, "I found a girlfriend at work!" However, it turns out, Tasuku's dick is too big, and his girlfriend refuses to have sex with him?! Tasuku thinks to himself, "If this is how it is, will I be a virgin for life!?" When Sou hears this, he tells Tasuku, "If you don't ejaculate, your dick will shrink! I'll train ass so you can come without ejaculating," he proposes. And the innocent Tasuku goes along with this proposal, even though it's steeped in ulterior motives!? "After massaging his ass with my fingers, I'll make his entire body mine by thrusting my dick into him…!"