A Political Marriage of Stubbornness and Love [OFFICIAL]

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A newlyweds-in-love story featuring a tough-looking husband and a stubborn wife dealing with their own misunderstandings!

"Is it okay for me to love you?" Jossette has been in love with Theophile, a man from a noble family, since she was young. However, she couldn't bring herself to be honest with him, and every time they met, she said she hated him! But one day, the king ordered them to get married! Jossette was overjoyed, but she grew depressed with the thought that there was no way he would love her back. She wanted to at least fulfill her wifely duties, and they had their wedding night. "Does this feel good?" Theophile gave her gentle and sweet pleasure. This is a story about a newlywed couple in love despite themselves!